Burbujas de coordenadas

Interactive installation where visuals and sound are triggered by the movement of a curtain that waves with the power of a fan. The movement is captured with a camera and analyzed through PURE DATA. The patch draws bubbles where the movement is detected and sends the XY coordinates of the center of those bubbles and the angle of the movement to PROCESSING in order to generate some drawings that are projected on the curtain itself. The coordinates are also sent to a nord modular G2 synthesizer to process different parameters of the sound.
The purpose behind this piece was having a tool that pushed me into a new space of improvisation, since I could control it just partially interacting with the fan.

Exhibited in Espai Betulia – February 2009 (Badalona)

Created with the support of TELENOIKA and HANGAR

Technical assistance in Pure Data: LLuis Gomez





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