Audible Crossed Geographies

Audible Crossed Geographies is an ongoing series of soundpieces sonically merging my steps as they navigate two locations that couldn’t otherwise coexist.
“The walk enacts that primary rhythm, as an extension of the heartbeat, of the breath and the pulsing of perception, heard as the click and tap of the step made from the in hitting theout. Sidewalk acoustics forms dynamic immersion for a body attempting to find its own step.”
– Brandon Labelle, Acoustic Territories (Bloomsbury, 2010)
Over the past ten years, I have recorded and collected the sound of my footsteps crossing different territories where I have lived and travelled. In these pieces, the cartography of my step is used as an imaginary acoustic bridge and as a performative act, creating dialogue between the acoustics of the environments I cross and my subjective consciousness and personal sounds – my in hitting its out.
Presented for 8-channel speaker system in Fridman Gallery (NYC) as part of CT::SWaM session in the New Ear Festival 2016