Burbuja is the alter ego as an Electronic Musician of Merche Blasco created in 2003.

Since its conception she participated & collaborated with various artists, establishing a strong relationship between different mediums of artistic expression & her own musical direction.  Her album debut, “burbuja” (station55 records) produced by Cristian Vogel was presented in Sonar 2007 and toured in different cities in Europe, USA and Canada.

Burbuja has presented her work in the following festivals, among others: SONAR Festival (Barcelona), MAPPING Festival (Geneve), Sonic Art Circuits (Washington), La Casa Encendida (Madrid).

Some of her usual collaborators were: Cristian Vogel (production, electronics), Carlos del Valle (percussive and guitar arrangements), Maitane Beaumont (viola and voice), Maria Camila Sanjinés (visuals), Miren Marañón (set design), Jin AngdooLee (visuals), Gregor Kurschmirz and Federico Urdaneta (guitar arrangements).

Selected press:

The Washington Post / Burbuja
Calle 20 
BLOW UP Magazine 

First album: burbuja (station 55 Records)



Second album: theTEST




Selection of performances:


perform15 perform14 perform16

Centro de Arte Santa Mónica, Barcelona

perform13 perform12 perform11

Mapping Festival, Geneve

perform8 perform10 perform9


Regina Rex Gallery, NYC

perform3 perform5 perform4

La Elástica, Montreal

testperfor1 perform2