Composición a 16 pies

8 Channel Sound Piece produced for ZEPPELIN 2009 // sons del poder – escoltes de la por

With an exponential increase in mobility and dissolving of international barriers, there has arisen an equally powerful need to control and direct the mass movement of people. Even in the temporary absence of our most ubiquitous mass media tools – Internet, TV, and radio – we are constantly subject to sounds that tell us, in a more or less subtle way, what to do.
In this piece, the footsteps of passersby in different transitional contexts overlap with the sounds of public instructions. Unconsciously, the chaos of individual footsteps resolves gradually into one unified cadence.

Presented in CCCB HALL, Barcelona and in Fridman Gallery (NYC)  for 8-channel speaker system  as part of CT::SWaM session in the New Ear Festival 2016