Qubit Innovator Lab presents Merche Blasco

February 25th, 8pm

Tickets available here

Qubit presents Merche Blasco as part of our ongoing Innovator Lab series. Originally selected as part of the 2020 cohort, we are thrilled to finally be able to present her work in New York City. Performing separately with both Gryphon Rue and Lucie Vitkova, this promises to be an evening of extraordinary music.

Lucie Vítková / Anette / Merche Blasco
In this performance, Lucie Vitkova and Merche Blasco will explore cyborg-ness through their relationships with their instruments. Vítková perceives the accordion as an extension of their body, where sound and movement are locked into a self-generating cybernetic loop. Blasco built Anette, a 3D printer, as her latest interlocutor and companion in the performance space. In return, Anette printed wearable microphones that Blasco wears on her fingers, enabling the audience to hear the machine’s unique electromagnetic voice. The resulting human-machine dialogue constitutes Blasco’s call for an ecology of nonhierarchical relationships amongst people and other organic and inorganic materialities. The 3-way performance with Vítková, Blasco, and Anette becomes an inter-material conversation, between all the human and nonhuman elements that participate in this cyborgian system .

Gryphon Rue / Merche Blasco
Gryphon Rue and Merche Blasco will perform new material from their second album, after their debut North of The Future published in 2021 on Astral Editions. The scarcely governable voice of Blasco’s EMS Synthi (“Cintia”) and her singing saw entangle signals with Rue’s singing saw, harmonium, and his custom modular synth (“Fritz”).