Featured in Earmark at Montez Press Radio

Earmark is a program of long form conversations with emerging and composers and sound artists hosted by Gryphon Rue.

This episode was broadcasted on Wed 23 March 2022, 1:00 – 3:00 Pm in Montez Press Radio
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Long form conversations with emerging and established composers and sound artists. Tracklist: 1. Gryphon Rue – Acoustic Temple (theme) 2. NIAGARA – Félix 3 (Guarda-Costas) 3. Laissez-faire 4. Dia 1, Parte 2, Música 3 5. XX 6. SEE 7. Asa 8. MAJA 9. Merche Blasco – Fauna, (live Bennington College, I) 10. Bardenas 11. Fauna, (live Bennington College, II) 12. 11. Fauna, (live Bennington College, III) 13. Gryphon Rue & Merche Blasco – 40.65°N -73.96°W 14. Moving Veins of Flamingos
Niagara is a trio that came together in 2009. Since its inception, Niagara has released music on Príncipe, Disciples, Soul Jazz, Discrepant, FTD, videogamemusic, and their own label – Ascender.
Merche Blasco is a multimedia artist and composer based in New York. She designs and builds imprecise technological assemblages that catalyze embodied forms of live electroacoustic composition and new modes of listening. Through her constructed devices, Merche attempts to establish a more horizontal relationship with other entities, distancing herself from parameters of precision, power, and control. As an alternative form of performance, she engineers collaborative spaces with instruments that are given their own agency, in compositions where her body and the live exploration of organic materials are central elements. She has presented her performances and installations at the Whitney Museum of American Art, The Shed, Sonar Festival in Barcelona, La Biennale di Venezia, NIME conferences, Tsonami International Sound Art Festival in Chile, The High Line in New York, SONIC Festival, Mapping Festival (Geneva), Queens Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Santiago de Chile, among others. Her work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Wire magazine. Merche is a DAAD Music & Sound Fellow in 2022-2023.
Gryphon Rue is an artist and composer. Rue frequently collaborates with Merche Blasco (North of the Future, Astral Editions, 2021; Resounding: North of The Future, Tigersushi, 2022), the light and sound duo Rue Bainbridge (Wintering, de Young Museum, 2020), and Vertical Foliage (Love is a Grasshopper Nearby, CAMP Editions, 2019). Rue is at work on a solo album (Not Not Fun, 2022). Rue is the editor of Strange Attractor (Inventory Press & Ballroom Marfa, 2019), a book exploring the uncertainties and poetics of networks, environmental events, and sound. Their films and videos are distributed by The Film-Makers’ Cooperative.