Téntere, Nublo

On September 4th 2022, I will be presenting Téntere, nublo in Tudela de Navarra, Spain.

Téntere, nublo is a site-specific public performance for Tudela’s historic district, culminating in a participatory sound performance in La Case del Almirante.
The piece is based on an ancient local incantation meant to protect crops against violent weather. Using this ritual as a starting point, the piece expands into a sonic choreography of the old city of Tudela inspired by local flora and fauna, performed by women from the region.

With the collaboration of de Maitane Beaumont and with the following artists participating:

Paula Adrian  – euphonium
Sandra Serrano – euphonium
The Reading Room (Eliana Beltrán y Rocio Campaña) – Ciconia ciconia and percussion
María Herrera – voice
Susana Fernández – accordion
Laura and Samo – voice and guitar
Sandra Miranda  – voice
Ndey Fatou Sey – voice
Mariya Eneva Georgieva – voice
Melodia Jimenez – voice

Commissioned by Fundación Maria Forcada
Illustration by Nuria Marqués